Environmental Benefits

• First worldwide system to process organic waste under one hour
• No hazardous gases or harmful by-products
• Eliminates dangerous pathogens
• Minimizes carbon footprint
• Reduces need for landfill
• Environmental clean-up and remediation
• Eliminates transportation waste
• Reduces the need for fossil fuels
• Reduces the leaching of pollutants into aquifers
• Does not add pollutants to rivers or oceans

Economic Benefits

• Reduces waste disposal costs significantly
• Much faster than traditional means
• Reduces solid waste volume by over 70%
• Reduces transportation costs
• Reduces or eliminates landfill tipping fees
• Increases in waste capacity
• Outputs usable/saleable by-products or commodities

Muncher® Output Use

• Agricultural Enhancement
• Animal Feed Base
• Algae Growth
• Bio Fuel
• Industrial Chemicals


ESS Inc. About us

Eco Sphere Sciences Inc. (ESS) is a Nevada based company specializing in simple, environmentally friendly solutions to help solve today's pressing waste disposal, agricultural, and environmental problems.

Muncher® System

Industrializes bioremediation via aerobically breaking down green waste, rotten food, meats, derived municipal solid waste (MSW), most organic and some inorganic compounds more effectively than traditional windrow composting.

The Muncher® does so in less than an hour, and requires much less space.


The Muncher® is able to reduce the volume of solid waste by 70 percent or more. Because of this fact, the system's cost may be justified on the basis of reduced landfill tipping fees alone. However, the solid and liquid byproducts have been shown to enhance food plant growth between 25 to 30 percent.