What We Do

Eco Sphere Sciences Inc. (ESS) Is a Nevada based company specializing in simple, environmentally friendly solutions to help solve today's pressing waste disposal, agricultural, and environmental problems.

Eco Sphere Sciences, Inc. plans to market a variety of products and processes it has already developed and patented to transform the waste disposal industry, significantly improve agricultural productivity, and remediate environmental pollution.

The Muncher® history


10 years ago

It took 10 years, but Moe finally created the first Muncher! It operated in a 30-gallon oil drum, but it effectively demonstrated proof of concept.

5 years ago

Several years later, a mobile Muncher® capable of processing 5 tons per day was successfully demonstrated.  However, it required manual operation.


Today's Munchers are fully automated.  The Muncher® pictured above is capable of processing 5 tons/day, and is mounted on a trailer so that it can be driven to any location where there is waste to be processed or where environmental cleanup is needed.

Tomorrow's Muncher® 


Food Waste

contains long-chain hydrocarbons

The Muncher® breaks them down

Tomorrow Muncher¢ī

Our Members

Ron Cline


Expertise: Finance, Marketing, Product Development
Experience: Sales, negotiation, banking

Moe Memon

Chief Executive Officer

Expertise: Metallurgy, Machining, Biochemisty
Experience: Product development and fabrication

Dr James Stein


Expertise: Mathematical models, simulation, reward/risk analysis
Experience: Professor, author, consultant

Jacob Dickinson

Chief Technology Officer

Expertise: Mechanical Engineering, Software Development
Experience: Manufacturing, communication, process analysis

Gary Ailes (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)


Expertise: Veterinary medicine, agriculture
Experience: Veterinarian, animal surgery

iCologico México

Mexico Muncher® Partner